NOOBS! Post first PTW experineces here

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Re: NOOBS! Post first PTW experineces here

Postby Panderson on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:34 pm

Purchased an 08' MAX Mil/LE for $500. I don't think you can beat that price. Anyway, I was hauling it to my field in my $25 gun case, and as i pulled it from my trunk (I've learned that the term in England is "boot"), the strap broke. The fully extended UBR hit first, and the leverage cracked the lower below the SAP. I was shocked, because I assumed that stock PTW receivers were made of billet aluminum, but now I know. $190 later for a Prime CNC lower, I have a PTW I could probably run into a door frame with. Aside from the maintenance, I love everything about it. Sadly, It doesn't agree with airsoft parts, and the Madbull DD rail I have bends slightly, even properly shimmed. I have trashed that POS and gone with the Troy Drop in Battle Rail. I don't know if anyone here has them, but Troy Flip Up Iron sights with tritium inserts may be the best thing I have ever put on any gun. I strongly recommend these sights, especially the di-optic ones (diamond shaped sight). I have also discovered how bad full-auto is for your gun, and have blocked that fire selector position in my lower. PTW's were made for semi anyway. The first game I played with it was at Ballahack, which is in Virginia Beach, VA. Their FPS limit is 420, and sadly, my blue cylinder put me up to 426 FPS. I had to do what most people advise against and cut the spring. Ill tell you, those hardened steel springs are strong as heck. After trimming off about two coils, I got it down to 398FPS, which let me ignore the minimum engagement rule (Guns under 400FPS). Once the hop up was properly adjusted, It was a laser beam. Running a Venom 11.1 Li-Po 5000mWh battery, I was able to put 20 mags down range without a hiccup. I was using elite force ammo at the time, and I was getting some shatters. I now use KSC .25g and they work flawlessly. Since that game sometime in May, I have only had 2 Flashing red lights. One was simply fixed by cleaning the motor contacts, the other time I had to replace the motor brush. I am very pleased with this weapon system. I have only had a few guns prior: A Crosman PulseR76, a JG M99 Snow Wolf, and a Tokyo Marui Five-Seven. I was convinced by my friend to invest in this gun, and I am not regretting it. My plan is to sell the PTW once I'm done with college, and buy an AR-15 with all of the same accessories.

I have yet to update my profile, I will do it now.
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Re: NOOBS! Post first PTW experineces here

Postby thundercactus on Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:52 pm

unfortunate, but it's one of three major disadvantages of the stock systema;
motor windings
hop roller
receivers machined from cast

I've got a madbull MK18 rail on mine, I had to open up the thread pitch on the receiver and used moly grease to prevent the barrel nut from tearing the threads out. It's on there pretty darn close to breaking point, around 90ft-lbs (120Nm). Though I've heard others have had an easier time of it.
Had to trim the top rail to butt up properly against the receiver, and of course the 45 degree relief on the bottom so it can open properly
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Re: NOOBS! Post first PTW experineces here

Postby Romba on Thu May 15, 2014 6:04 pm

Posting to share my noob experience and to ask a couple questions.

Picked up an 07 M733 with five mags and a real steel larue rail for $650. Only issue was an electronics problem. I bought a set of 08+ electronics from my friend and a 2013 trigger from the forum and went to my friend's place to install everything. We put a new (bigger, and proven to work better) roller in it, pulled apart the gearbox to check it out, installed electronics, lubed the cylinder, and I now have a lovely PTW. Even better, having worked on loads of PTWs, my friend was able to tell the hopup had never been disassembled, and the gearbox never opened (still had thread locker on the screws and each had a pop when unscrewed.) Other nice surprise, motor has been balanced and the core moves up and down a bit. Not written on, so not Tac'd, but worked on a little at least.

Sounds fine and dandy, but this thing was a BITCH.

The '13 trigger from a challenge kit had to be pulled a MILE to hit the micro switch. We tried the 07, and a FCC race trigger, neither worked. So we had to file the 07 trigger until it didn't press the button. Disassembled and reassembled the gearbox probably 10 times just to figure that out. Finally get everything together, fire off <10 shots, and the motor stops. Red motor light of death. Try a FCC 2.5 my friend has, won't fit the 07 lower. Tac'd 490 he had, won't fit the lower. Last ditch effort, new brushes, success. Motor is alive, and actually sounds pretty healthy.

After all this, look at the old electronics which the seller said died after a deans change. Looks like he blew the fuse and the fuse got melted in a bit. Left those with my friend to test.

Now the questions:
What is a working set of 07 electronics worth?
Why on earth wouldn't the '13 trigger work properly?
I've never seen anywhere that an '07 lower won't work with newer motors. Why?
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Re: NOOBS! Post first PTW experineces here

Postby Wulfgrym on Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:07 am

Although this is my first post, im by far not a noob, to PTWs or airsoft.

Personally I'm into airsoft for competitiveness, technology and tactical skill. I've been doing now for over a decade and still love it. I could care less what looks cool and instead focus on what works, what's efficient and what performs.

I got my first Systema nearly a decade ago and haven't looked back. Although there have been some interesting advancements in airsoft, nothing has torn me away from PTWs overall dominance.

My first one was a stock M4 challenge kit that was like new. I painted it and added some accessories, an M16 barrel and silencer, etc. ran that gun forever. After my motor died I had it rewound and it went hard for about four more years, until I smashed my gun all over the ground at an endurance event. I had a backup PTW I had purchased because the price was right and ended up using that with my primary upper which had survived the accident. My backup was a heavily used M4 that I had maintained back to greatness.

After that I sold the backup to a friend and purchased a non working Gen-1 M16. I had it machined and modified to accept newer style parts and cylinders and dropped the boards and mech box into it from my old one. My old one was fixed up and sold. It's still running as I hear it. The M16 I decked out in lightweight, dark earth furniture, mostly Magpul and the like. I ran it for a number of years and eventually has to rewind the motor on that one and sold it a couple years ago. It's still going.

I now own custom built M4 CQB MK18. It's got a Prime MK18 CNC receiver set and a Madbull MK18 rail. I'm slowly dumping excess weight and crap to make it lighter and faster. The crane stock is now a minimalist stock and the Madbull rail is next for something real steel and lightweight, like T6 aluminum free-float. Anyways, it has a like new, rewound 7511 and a brand new 490 waiting as backup. I've been running flip up sights recently in place of a sight with great success.

Other than that, I still have my original two Systema mags which still run and feed like a dream. I'm waiting for something better to come out and so far, nothin'!
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Re: NOOBS! Post first PTW experineces here

Postby HudsonPTW on Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:01 am

Hi everyone,

it would be great if you can give me an advice.

My teammate have for many year PTW, now I choosing new gun and PTW is winner. I read many forums and I decided to buy this: ... it-systema

How would you grade (like a school) difficulty of assembling?

Thx ;).
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Re: NOOBS! Post first PTW experineces here

Postby DinDon on Wed Sep 19, 2018 4:02 pm

Let's make it alive again, right ?

First TW was an A&K, sold by an asshole, told me they were FCC gears, it was SHS, electro was down, bought it 280€ with 3 mags, and a RIS.

Had 100€ of repair/upgrade, worked as hell until I sold it 7/8 months later (no more work, needed money).
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