Hopup Problems

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Hopup Problems

Postby Hannes_[CIS] on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:47 pm

I have a problem with my Hopup build. Currently I am using a RWA PTW Hopup with the RWA Rollerpacking on the Systema arm, the barrel is systema and the cylinder is FCC (Mags tried are original Systema, Pmag with blackcat insert and Vanaras). My Problem is, that the bbs do not feed properly, what results in them either not getting into the Hopup Unit at all or crushed into two pieces.
I have tried, the original Systema Hopup camber and arm but no improvment. Magsprings are still stiff, they empty out the complete magazin with ease.
(The BBs I have used were Valken 0.30g and 101 inc 0.30g)
The Nozzle is able to move freely inside the Hopup Unit as far as I can tell.
Has anyone an Idea, why it keeps happening? Are it just the BBs or are some parts not really fitting?
I hope you can help me, cause I have no Idea what to try next.

Greeting from Germany


(P.s. pls excuse my bad english was never gifted with it)
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