Electronics headache

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Electronics headache

Postby Westywesty84 on Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:04 am


I've been doing some digging/messaging since my ptw died.

A friend of mine has given me all 3 boards from his ptw, we believed to be an 08.

My ptw is believed to be an 08 also

But on removal of my powerboard, and looking to swap for the one off my friend,
The boards are different colours

So this lead me to believe that his (green) electronics are possibly an 07, but the ecu has a 3 pin and 4 pin socket???

My boards are all blue....I don't really want to mix/match without knowing what I'm getting into


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Re: Electronics headache

Postby Blackwolf on Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:34 pm


"Westywesty84" Update your profile with location please. forum rules.

Your board has a 4 pin wire it is a 2008 onward, ECU all have 4 pin wires and a 3 pin wire socket for selector board, then it is 2008 Onwards

If the ECU has 2 sockets with 3 pin wires it is a 2007 board or earlier.

Green board or blue board and having 4 pin socket there should be no problem.


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