WTS: Insight MTM, Black and FDE Versions, IR Laser

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WTS: Insight MTM, Black and FDE Versions, IR Laser

Postby totallynotDEVGRU on Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:01 pm

Item: Insight MTM Black, IR Laser & Insight MTM FDE, IR Laser
Price: Black 4250 EUR & FDE 3650 EUR
Shipping: World Wide, NATO Friendly Countries Only

Up for sale are two MTM's. Both MTM's are virtually flawless with only minor physical wear on the units, crystal clear screens and images, and full functionality of buttons, lasers and electronics. Black is perfect, and the FDE one is almost perfect but has a minor flaw - there is a single darker line along the screen. What this is, exactly, I'm not sure but the item has been priced accordingly. If you want to save some money this is the one to get.

Each unit comes with a sacrificial window made out of steel mesh, a highly used (scratched) amber filter made out of a Wilcox amber filter, and a weapon mount made out of an ARMS throw lever mount (for use with Airsoft ONLY as MTM's are not recoil rated)

Both units can be picked up at a significant discount if you want.



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