FCC Noveske CNC lower receiver.

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FCC Noveske CNC lower receiver.

Postby biscuitdunker on Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:16 pm

Not sure if this is going to be up to the standards of the other reviews in this section but here goes :D

Product: Fight Club Custom Noveske CNC Lower Receiver. Purchased on 23/8/2012 from Scope & Laser cost approx $335 US Dollars.

I will be comparing this lower receiver to my limited experience of Prime CNC and Systema standard lower receivers.

First up the packaging, not as good as a Prime product, a simple cardboard box with a couple of foam supports and the lower wrapped in bubble wrap. No problem but not as nice as the cut out foam in a Prime box. No harm done and the lower was unmarked on arrival.


First impressions are good. The colour of the anodising is the first thing I noticed. Very dark and black when compared to both a Prime and Systema body. The finish seems more resilient to finger marks than a Prime lower but this is generally irrelevant as its "in use" that the finish will be really tested. I will update my thoughts on this another time.

The design of the lower is the first none "standard" lower receiver I have handled on a TW. I must admit it actually looks plainer in the hand than it does in photographs, no where near as bold and possibly "cheap" looking as I feared. Still you will either like it or loath it I guess :)


As I hope you can see from the images above, its beautifully finished. In my opinion it feels and looks ever so slightly better finished than a Prime. Not sure if it warrants the extra cost put that to one side I would rate the FCC lower as just taking first prize from a close second Prime. The engraving is uniform and clean, central and square to the body. If there is one personal gripe its the lack of a "full auto" or "burst" marking. This fact tempted to restrict the fire mode of my PTW just to keep it true to the lack of markings (but it didn't ;) )

I found only one issue whilst assembling the lower. As I looked over the lower I noticed that in the rear gear box fixing hole the thread was clearly blocked and stood out as being white which contrasted against the black finish. I hope this can be seen in the next image:


As I have anodised my own components I recognised this as a small amount or residue from one of the processes of anodising. I noticed this and decided to chase the thread out with the appropriate Tap.


The white residue easily cleared from the thread with little effort. Im fairly confident that the Gbox fixing screw would of probably cleared it anyway but as I had the tools....... better to be safe than sorry. I would not let this put me off another, it was hardly a issue but worth mentioning none the less.

Every other component fitted without any work, fettling or modifying. Again Prime lowers on occasion (may of been first gen I handled) needed a little work to motor fixings and take down pin tabs. The dummy take down pin heads fitted well, on the FCC lower the locations are recessed and drilled through which makes for an easier job to get a clean finish to the gluing as the excess will simply be pushed into the body rather than out around the edges of the dummy pin head. Also to note the fake fire selector shaft end is also marked with the fire position marking found on RS rifles, a nice finish as it saved me making the mark :D

Bottom line, lovely product. The best I have handled for a TW. With Prime in a very close second. 8-)
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Re: FCC Noveske CNC lower receiver.

Postby The Reptile House on Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:29 pm

Nice review and nice lower :D

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Re: FCC Noveske CNC lower receiver.

Postby ekolesov on Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:23 pm

One of the best looking receivers!
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