Mission First Tactical React Grip

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Mission First Tactical React Grip

Postby mxa5022 on Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:29 pm

hey guys, got a small simple review for you all. I made an order last week at MidwayUSA for a armors wrench and action block, and i noticed this piece of gear. I was looking more toward the Mako mag grip, but local shop had one fitted and it just wasnt comfy, so for the price ($23), i figured what the heck and give it a try.

It arrived today and a plain box as it was piled w/ the other items i ordered. It was comes in its own holder as seen (pic will be up).

Snapshot_20120921.jpg (223.23 KiB) Viewed 2454 times

I will say, in simply gripping it now, i enjoy it, it doesnt feel crappy made, and since i have smaller hands it fits nicely. Those w/ larger hands may not enjoy it as much, but pending how you'll grip it you may.


Was very easy, just like any vertical grip. The only complaint i have, is since it's on my Prime LMT Upper, it doesnt sit as far back as id like, so i have to move my AFG forward one or two indents.

Snapshot_20120921_1.jpg (229.16 KiB) Viewed 2454 times


The side indents are VERY comfortable (spots to put pressure pads), so make it very comfy.

Final Thoughts:

If you like holding the gun near the magwell, id say get this. It isnt expensive and doesnt feel flimsy at all. One of the best accessory additions i've bought for the gun

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