FCC T1 Lens Protector and Tactical Optician Sacrificial Lens

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FCC T1 Lens Protector and Tactical Optician Sacrificial Lens

Postby The Reptile House on Wed May 29, 2013 2:05 pm

Prior to the release of FCC's T1 lens protector, I'd already been using a Tactical Optician sacrifical lens on my Aimpoint Micro H1 for almost a year. Tactical Optician is run by LouCyffer, who is an Ophthalmic Optician. LouCyffer provides expert services to members of the Armed Forces, as well as performance athletes and airsofters. Obviously LouCyffer is an airsofter himself, so he fully understands the needs of the demographic...as well as those of actual warfighters.



Initially I'd used the sacrificial lens with a modified version of the H1's bikini cover. Hades had shown me pics of the way he'd carved apertures in his bikini covers and inserted sacrificial lenses behind them. The tension of front and rear covers effectively presses the sacrificial lens against the objective lens of the Aimpoint.

There are a couple of problems with this application, but at the time it was the best solution. The Aimpoint Micro is notoriously difficult to protect and it's no surprise that Tenebraex does not produce a Killflash for the product. One of the problems with the bikini cover conversion which LouCyffer surmounted, was cutting close to perfect circles in the bikini cover. At this point, coupled with the precise resin lenses LouCyffer could produce, the Tactical Optician T1 protector was born.

Some time last year, FCC released pics of a prototype T1 protector which they made as a one off for R&D. It was a very tidy solution to holding a sacrificial lens onto a T1 and it went through months of testing. I bought two of the FCC T1 protectors when the production version was released, but I didn't like the sacrificial lens the item was shipped with. Tactical Optician's lens is clearer and is less likely to refract. I was pleased to find that the sacrificial lens I already owned was a drop-in fit, so I've been using the FCC protector in synergy with the Tactical Optician lens ever since.

A word on the design of FCC's T1 protector. It's discrete. It mimics the objective face of the Aimpoint Micro, with the two holes. The protector ships with a slick of sticky back plastic. This must be used on the inside of the protector to induce a compression fit. Once on, it stays on - but can be prized off for maintenance/cleaning. This also means that your expensive Aimpoint Micro won't get scratched by the protector.

I really like the design of the FCC T1 protector, so I'm more than happy to recommend it - but I would also recommend upgrading the sacrificial lens to a Tactical Optician unit, to preserve your Aimpoint's beautiful clarity.

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