Review Guidelines

Reviews on parts for the PTW platform.

Review Guidelines

Postby Hades on Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:55 pm

This section is for Systema PTW aftermarket parts associated reviews.
Only the item that can be directly attached to a PTW, ie: fore end/stocks/sling mounts/electronics/magazines is permitted.

Reviews about gear, pistols and accessories are not permitted!

Review requirements:
- All reviews must have pictures of the item. If installation is required, post pictures about the installation process too.
- Posting a video is very welcome. Please make sure a video is made in a well lit room or area, if possible without wind.
- If modification is required, please explain where/how.
- Feel free to add more detailed information
- Please post some information about how well the item holds up over time, some items require a "break in" period and get better (or worse) after that.

Rules will be adjusted accordingly in this thread/post
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