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Re: FCC CNC Gearbox Review

Postby Lee on Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:44 pm

lUcIfEr wrote:Thanks for the great review :D Awsome pics too ;)
What would you say about the quality of the gears? Are they chrome-molly steel like the Systema ones, or just regular steel?

Haha thank you. :D All gears are all steel lathe.

macguyver wrote:I would hope that there would be virtually zero wear on this gearbox until at least 100,000 rounds.

Their gearbox allows for smoother operation, not meaning an increase in power, but what it does is save the loading of the motor and the electronic parts.

Tkschnee wrote:I did notice as well the lack of lube (IMHO most people over lube the sh*t out of their guns, a little bit of good lube in the right places beats the hell out of to much of the cheap stuff all over)the my box sounded a bit rough when I was cycling it by hand, but after maybe 100 revolutions it quieted down and felt a lot smoother.

Yes, FCC oils/greases their gearbox differently compared to an OEM's sticky/tight gears (though an OEM is still good)
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Re: FCC CNC Gearbox Review

Postby ekolesov on Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:13 am

Nice trugger, looks like Geissele. What kind of grease can you recomend for this gbox? And how properly it must be surfaced on the gears?
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