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All the information that is relevant to MAX Model 2007 or older weapons.

Postby macguyver on Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:07 am

thejugglerrr wrote:ok guys, heres a long 1,

i have had a CA g36c for way too long. so many problems occored with this crapper. overall from buying it from redwolf (shipping was $250!!!) to just repairs and a few upgraded parts i have put maybe $1,100 into it and yet it still shoots like crap and has a junky squeaky feel.

i have always wanted a ptw but i never thought i could afford one. well im in dire need of a gun which can take a beating and can last internally till i die. i only assume the PTW max could fulfil those needs. i'm willing to spend the $1,400 easily as long as i get a few things down.

so to my point... if and when i get one, i have a few Q's to ask instead of just scanning the forums.


1. PTW MAX, does it come with the 6.2 or 6.03 barrel?


New guns shipped after Sept of last year should have the 6.04 barrel and all guns made after Jan. of this year have it. SCK may or may not depending on when it was made.


thejugglerrr wrote:2. Should i get a 12V 1,100mah crane battery or 2?

    2a.will it last me the whole day?


I can get about 1100 rounds in semi-auto with the M150 on a single charge. I have 2 batteries and likely they'd last me all day. I can get about 3000 rounds in full-auto on the M110 with 9.6v on a single charge.


thejugglerrr wrote:3. I am more than qualified enough to build it myself, but isnt the challenge kits body made with weaker metal?


Same gun, just you build it and it comes with no trades on the lower receiver. Personally I got the assembled MAX M4s and don't ever regret not saving a couple of hundred per gun on the SCKs. The assembled ones get QC'd at the factory, so you know they work. SCKs, well, you're sort of on your own. Pretty easy guns to work on though, as everything tears down real easy.


thejugglerrr wrote:4. will the internals ever crap out on me like a CA?


Not likely. But all machines will fail at some point. You may get 100,000+ rounds out of a PTW when your G36 might give you 10,000.


thejugglerrr wrote:5. please compare the M4's accuracy to a common aeg. and the PTW cqbr


Most accurate gun and the longest range of any gun I've ever owned (17 came before the PTWs and all are gone now). The CQB is my favorite and it's deadly accurate and I can outrange a Marui M14 shooting the same velocity by a mile.


thejugglerrr wrote:if anyone can find a more rugged and relyable weapon, im all ears!!!

thanks guys!


Best gun I've ever owned and would never buy anything else again. Once you feel the build, look at the gearbox and shoot it, you're hooked and would never go back.

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Postby Ethan Piett on Fri Jun 29, 2007 6:13 am

Come on, have a search here, all your questions have been answered many times now.
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