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Postby Syscrusher on Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:00 pm

Well I messed up, and melted my el-003 board. Now I need to order the proper parts to repair it. In this case the proper battery, the el-003 board and id like to get a new motor as well. The old motor does make a sound when I re-applied the power source through the melted board so it may work it may not. Im going for broke and guessing it doesent. Problem is I bought it fully assembled and do not know which motor to use for it. I currently own the M-16 A3 MAX version with the non colapsable stock. No other upgrades have been preformed to the PTW.

1- Can any one clue me in to which motor I should be ordering to replace the one I currently have in there.


2- Can anyone direct me to a good site or thread for installation / tear down instructions , im not going to be doing it myself I have some one who is much more mechanically inclined than myself to help me out with that end of it. I know il lhave to solder to the motor housing and remove various pieces of the PTW for access and ive never had nor seen one of these apart before.


Any info will be greatly appreceated.


Thanks in advance
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Postby macguyver on Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:28 pm

You need the 480 motor. You should be able to get that from Empire Airsoft (kdogg on these forums).

I doubt that you need a new motor. You should just need to get the board and a new battery (or 2). If you want to use the M150, you will need to get the 12v.


To make life easier for you, remove the stock totally (mine uses a Phillips screw) by removing 1 screw from the isnside. De-solder the motor leads and pay attention to the one marked + (red mark) and the one marked - (no mark). Remove the old board after disconnecting the small control wire connector. Reverse procedure for re-installation of new board.


I could do it less than an hour, as long as you get me the parts.
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Postby SBranson23 on Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:34 am

Take a look at the Challenge Kit Assembly Manual

This shows the installation/removal procedure
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