My PTW build

Here you show us your PTW's pictures.

My PTW build

Postby jungley on Sat Feb 20, 2016 11:17 pm

This is my first and only PTW.
The goal was to be minimalist, lightweight, practical.
Hope you like it :D

Gen3 Systema PTW 14.5" barrel.

External upgrades:
* Fortis REV free float rails
* Replica AAC blackout flash hider
* MFT minimalist stock
* MFT torch back up tactical light
* Magpul MBUS front and rear sights
* Magpul MS-1 sling
* Magpul QDM front and rear swivel
* Systema magnetic bolt stop set

Internal upgrades:
* M90, M130, M150 cylinders
* M110, M120, M140, M160 replacement springs
* OMG racing mini mosfet
* Deans connectors with 11.1v Lipo in the stock tube. Stock tube did not need to be cut or modified, by soldering the deans at 90 degree angle.
* I have 3 different barrels that I swap between:
- stock 6.04mm systema
- PDI 6.01mm tightbore
- Orga 6.10mm widebore
* RWA CNC Adjustable hopup, Orga Flat hop.
* Action PTW barrel key

* Custom made PTW hicap magazine
* 4x PTW midcaps
* 4x A&K Midcaps
* 1x MAG follower (want more)
* MAG high tension magazine springs
* Odin innovations M12 speed loader
* CNC PTW loading tool adapter

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